Read Me First

This is an unofficial fan site of Katsuhiro Otomo.(This site's master speak English a little. Please excuse my unskillful text....)


The purposes of this site are as follows,
To report the newest info about Otomo.
To make up "LABORATORY" & "PROJECT ROOM" pages with assistance of Otomo fans.
Please send me info and/or result of study about Otomo. When you contribute to "LABORATORY"or "PROJECT ROOM", please post your brief report on BBS or e-mail me.

Do not copy, reproduce nor use all pictures ,
text, etc. on this site for any purpose without permission of administrator.

This site is link free. When you make a link, please read this page about link.

I never want to infringe Otomo's copyright, so I don't set up a link page to fan sites, because I can't keep watching what's cooking on other sites. (Without I ask you to make a link to your site.)

On the BBS, I will delete unsuitable posts without noticing, which attack and/or infringe others.

If you have any question about this site, feel free to e-mail me. I'm not good at English, so please write in easy English, without slangs. (^ ^;)

SPECIAL THANKS!!>>>>translation into English:Nieno-san